About Us

Mudo was born in 1964 in a 12-square-meter shop in Beyoğlu Fitaş Passage. Following international fashion trends in those years, she brought together products that reflect world fashion with her customers. In the Turkish apparel, furniture and decoration retailing sectors, mudo collection, mudo fts64, mudo accessories and mudo concept brands are successfully growing by leading the birth of many ready-to-wear and home decoration brands with its bold initiatives which have always progressed in accordance with the principles of quality and difference since its establishment.
With his bold and innovative initiatives, Mudo has developed fashion understanding especially among young people in
Turkey. In 1967, with the sale of the first printed T-shirts in Turkey, he started to pioneer the changes that made a difference in the sector. In 1987, he created the Mudo Collection brand for men and women over 25 who are modern, comfortable, caring about quality and taking care of their clothing. In 2005, Mudo founded the FTS64 brand, which caters to young people between the ages of 18 and 24, and has made a new way to become a youth uniform. Mudo Accessories brand, which is a complement to ready-to-wear brands, was also established in the same year.
In 2007, it was opened for sale in Turkey by leading the sector in the field of e-commerce, one of the first www.mudo.com.tr online merchandising.
Mudo, which has thousands of kinds of products from clothing to accessories, is now on its way among the leading companies of Turkish retail with its 129 stores in 29 cities in Turkey and 5 overseas stores